Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Getting back on the blogging bandwagon!

A few months have passed since I last blogged I KNOW but I am trying to get back in the blogging groove!  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season!  We sure did bouncing between AZ and TX and GND.  We got to spend Christmas with both of our families together (including both of mine!) and it was so amazing! 

The Shumsky Clan Christmas morning! I love their shirts...they say 'Merry Christmas' in Hawaiian.

We went to my dad's in El Paso and even Luke and Jenn were there! We had over 15 people at dinner two nights.  It was wonderful!  Jenn and Randi cooked up a storm and the food was amazing.

Then back in AZ we even got to go to an Arizona basketball game.  
My mom got us really great tickets for Christmas!

There is a reason they are called the Cardiac Cats we learned...overtime! But of course we won!

Since I last wrote Phil finished Term 4, we have come and gone from the states for the holidays and are now in the full swing of Term 5 (well he is...not me).  As for me, I am now the website and Limes coordinator for the SGU SO Organization down here.  I also started a web design class online and have been working as usual so I am definitely keeping busy.  We got to spend a few days having fun before school started again and have even gone out some on the weekends!  I love it!

University Club pool time

We already had fun playing with our new underwater camera from my Grandparents!

Sunset from Laluna

One night we went to Umbrellas with friends and as we were walking home with Dave and Nicci we heard steel drums coming from Coyaba Resort so we decided to go sit and listen (and dance).  We were the youngest people there by probably about thirty years but it was so fun!

The last two weeks we have gone to bonfire night at Mount Cinnamon Resort, which is on Grand Anse Beach.  It is so nice to just lounge together and have islandy drinks and watch the fire while listening to the waves crashing!  Both weeks after Mount Cinnamon we heard the same steel drum band playing at Spice Island Resort so we had to go sit and listen some more because they are so good!

Did I mention I love this island?? So many fun things to do!!

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